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Why People Don't Play Board Games Anymore

It's no secret that board games are not as standard a form of entertainment (in the United States at least) as they were in years past. Many people fault video games for the suffering of mainstream board games, and they have a point. For most kids, it's hard for a board game to capture their attention over the latest Nintendo DS game.

But that last sentence illustrates the greatest shame of all: board games are quite unfairly seen as a children's past time by too many people.

The truth of the matter is that right now, in 2011, there is a greater selection of board games that are fun for adults than there every has been.

Unfortunately, if you ask the average person about adult board games, they'll often picture socially awkward nerds playing Dungeons & Dragons in a dimly lit room. And I'm not saying that that doesn't exist. But there are hundreds, if not thousands, of board games that are challenging, strategic, simple to understand, accessible, and social that adults are missing out on every day.

In 2011 not only do we have classics from the past like Cosmic Encounter being reprinted, we also have new great games coming out every year. Just months ago 7 Wonders took the world by storm, and games like The Settlers of Catan still remain mainstays in adult's collections around the world.

I guess my point in all this is this: if you think that people don't play board games anymore, you're likely missing out. While you will probably have to coax your friends into trying a few games at first, the fact is that board games are today more alive than they ever have been. They are no longer the exclusive domain of children and geeks. Today there are board games that everyone can enjoy and play as a family or just among adult friends!

If you want my suggestion of games to get your collection started with, click the yellow sticky note below, and I'll share what I think are the best "gateway board games" that should be in everybody's collection.

P.S. If you're looking for my "essential boards games list" of Gateway Games to get your existing friends into gaming, you've scrolled down too far! Click the yellow post-it note above :)


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