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Board Games FAQ

1. Are there Board Games that are fun for Adults?

Yes! Unfortunately, board games are largely dismissed as a "children's toy" because of most of the board games which are available mainstream are indeed marketed for children.

Traditionally, this was often the case. Other than abstract strategy games like "Chess", many board games were aimed at children.

However, there has never been a better time to be an adult board gamer. Due to kids "moving on" to faster and less cumbersome video games at a faster pace than ever, the board game market has become filled to the brim with board games that are made for adults.

Unless the contrary is explicitly stated, the games reviewed on this website are done so with adults in mind, not children!

2. Where can I find people to play these interesting adult board games with?

Most people who play board games with other adults either do so with their own "playing group" (circle of friends who get together and play games), or do so at a local game store.

Call around and see if you can find hobbyist game stores in your area. If you live in a larger city area there should be at least one. Find out if they offer a "game night" or anything like that, and if not, you might find out if they would be willing to let you host one at their store!

Board games are so much more fun when you have regular people to play with!

3. What are some other good online resources for board games? - Site with a very deep database of board games and a very large commmunity. - A site where you can potentially find a group that plays adult board games, or start your own group up.

eBay (Board Game Section) - eBay can be a great place to pick up some board games, espeically out of print games. - Site with great prices on board games, but does not typically offer free shipping on most products. However, shipping rates are quite fair. - Site with great prices on board games, but shipping can be expensive unless you buy more than $100 worth. My favorite site to buy from when I'm paying more than $100. (board game section) - My favorite site to buy board games from if I'm buying less than $100 worth. Very competitive prices, and free shipping on many board games.

If you have any additional board game resources that might be helpful to my readers, feel free to let me know!


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